"Embrace the shadows within to illuminate the path to your truest self."

Shadow Workshop: Journey into Self-Exploration


Experience our transformative Shadow Workshop, where participants embark on a courageous journey of self-discovery and inner healing. Led by our experienced facilitator Diana, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of the psyche and embrace the shadow aspects of the self. 

Delve into the mysteries of your subconscious as you uncover hidden truths that shape your existence. Learn practical tools and techniques for acknowledging, accepting, and integrating your shadow aspects, fostering greater self-awareness, authenticity, and wholeness. 

Emerge from this Shadow Workshop with a deeper understanding of your shadow self and its influence on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In addition to gaining insight and self-awareness, participants will also experience a range of emotions and revelations throughout the workshop. From moments of discomfort and resistance to breakthroughs and liberation, you will undergo a unique journey of self-exploration and transformation.

* Enroll with a family member or friend and receive an exclusive 10% discount, fostering connections and shared experiences.


  • 1 day workshop between June to October 
  • 10am - 4pm each day, 6 hours total
  • Held in Hallett Cove, South Australia
  • Workbook + Manual included
  • Ayurvedic beverages, snacks and light meals 

What you’ll receive:

Our Shadow workshop is structured to provide you with a solid foundation in the principles and techniques to embrace your inner shadows and reclaim your wholeness. Here's what you can expect from our course:

  1. Emotional Healing and Integration: By confronting and acknowledging suppressed emotions and shadow aspects, participants will experience profound healing and integration, fostering greater emotional resilience and well-being.
  2. Authenticity and Wholeness: Through the process of shadow work, participants will reconnect with their authentic selves, embracing all aspects of their being and cultivating a sense of wholeness and inner harmony.
  3. Relationship Enhancement: By exploring their shadow dynamics, participants will gain insight into how unconscious patterns influence their relationships, fostering healthier communication, empathy, and connection with others.
  4. Empowerment and Self-Expression: Through the integration of shadow aspects, participants will reclaim their personal power and unlock their creative potential, enabling them to express themselves authentically and pursue their passions with confidence.
  5. Release of Limiting Beliefs: By shining a light on their shadow aspects, participants will release limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, paving the way for greater success, fulfillment, and joy in all areas of life.
  6. Spiritual Awakening: Shadow work is a profound spiritual practice that invites participants to deepen their connection to their higher self and the divine, fostering spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Course Format:

Our course is delivered through a combination of:

  • In-person Workshop: Engaging in-studio workshop led by experienced Reiki master, Diana. 
  • Written Materials: Written materials for deeper understanding and reference.
  • Practical Exercises: Hands-on exercises to practice techniques and deepen your understanding of your shadow.

Who Can Benefit?

Our Shadow workshop is suitable for:

  • Beginners curious to take the first step towards embracing your inner shadows and reclaiming your wholeness.
  • Individuals interested in self-healing and personal growth.
  • Holistic practitioners looking to expand their skills.
  • Anyone seeking to help others on their healing journey.

Why Choose Diana by Libido?

  • Experienced: Diana is a Reiki master with years of experience in teaching and practicing Reiki.
  • Comprehensive Workshop: Our workshop covers all aspects of Shadow Work, ensuring a thorough understanding of the practice and language. 
  • Small Group Class: Join a supportive community of fellow students and practitioners to share experiences and insights.

Ready to Explore your Shadow?

Enroll in our Shadow Workshop today and embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. Whether you're looking to heal yourself or others, Shadow Work offers a powerful path to wellness and wholeness. No prior experience with shadow work is necessary. Participants are encouraged to come with an open mind and heart.