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Libio by Diana

Alchemist Spray - I Speak

Alchemist Spray - I Speak

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I Speak, is intentionally created for you to connect with your throat chakra; your truth, honesty, and self expression.

Our Alchemist Sprays are made to support your mind, body and spirit when you desire. Spray as needed above your head and allow the fresh, clear and intentional spray mist over you. Take a deep breath, inhale the intention with the scent and be immersed in the intention supporting you and your space.

Conveniently fits in your bag like a portable diffuser for everywhere you go.

  • 100% natural ingredients - Full moon water, white rum, and essential oils: lavender, tea tree, cypress, peppermint, sage, spearmint, lemongrass, clove, blue chamomile, and hyssop.
  • 100ml recyclable glass bottle with fine sprayer
  • Handmade on the coast of South Australia
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