Sacred Cacao Birthday Ceremony

We invite you to join us in celebrating a Sacred Cacao Birthday Ceremony for our dear Alicia 🧚‍♀️
This unique gathering will be a time of joy, connection, and healing.

  • 🫖 Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Awaken Your Heart

    Embark on a soul-nourishing journey with our Sacred Cacao Ceremony, a profound experience curated by the radiant energy of Diana, our esteemed spiritual healer. Dive into the heart-opening power of cacao as you sip on its rich elixir, igniting a sense of deep connection and inner harmony.

  • 💚 Ayurvedic Snacks: Nourish Your Being

    Delight your senses with Ayurvedic snacks meticulously crafted to nurture your body and soul. Each bite is a celebration of ancient wisdom and modern indulgence, infusing your being with revitalizing energy and wholesome goodness.

  • 🧚‍♀️ Sacred Dance: Embrace Your Divine Rhythm

    Allow the music to guide your movements as you dance to the rhythm of your soul. Engage in a liberating dance of expression and self-discovery, shedding inhibitions and embracing the pure essence of your being.

  • 🌀💫 Sound Healing Meditation: Journey Within

    Immerse yourself in the ethereal vibrations of sound bowls, led by the nurturing hands of Reiki Master Diana. Let the harmonious resonance envelop you, transcending the boundaries of the physical and guiding you into a state of profound peace and inner balance.

  • 🎶 Healing Touches: Surrender to Transformation

    Experience the transformative power of healing music and gentle touch as you surrender to the loving embrace of the universe. Feel the subtle energies aligning, restoring harmony to mind, body, and spirit, and paving the way for profound healing and spiritual awakening.

  • 🪽 Angelica: A Gathering of Divine Feminine Energy

    As women, when we come together, we amplify our strength and beauty. Our collective energy creates a powerful force for healing and transformation. Let us celebrate Alicia and the sacred bond we share.

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Libio by Diana

Sacred Cacao Birthday Ceremony

Sacred Cacao Birthday Ceremony

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Event Details:

  • Date and Time: 5th of July
  • Start at  4.30 pm
  • Finish at 6.00 pm 

Dress Code:
Please wear white or light-coloured clothing to represent your angelic essence.


Libio by Diana 
Reiki Master

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